Mshandukani Holdings Pty Ltd is a leader in the consulting of – Geotechnical Services & Civil and construction works (NHBRC accredited). This policy statement presents our organisational philosophy to build commitment to Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality for sustainability.

Mshandukani Holdings’ environmental aspects and associated impacts in summary include, fuel usage, electricity usage, paper usage which lead to resource depletion, changes to the environment during excavation or drilling works which affect the flora and fauna in affected communal areas. Occupational hazards and associated risks include fatigue caused by long distance driving creating accident risks, glare from computer use, and ergonomic hazards presented by both office work and work at various construction and drilling sites, which risks include working at heights, falling objects, electrically driven tools and machinery, and dust.

The organization exist to ensure that consulting services are provided to meet their intended purpose and performance as specified by the customer without comprising employee’s health and safety as well as maintaining environmental integrity.

Mshandukani Holdings’ top leadership, in the context of the organization, makes the following commitments;

  1. Control and manage risks and opportunities identified in our activities (scope) following hierarchy of controls principles that is, Elimination-Substitution-Engineering Controls-Administrative controls-& PPE.
  2. Complying with all Legal & other compliance obligations relevant to our operations & customer requirements that is, OHS Act 85 of 1993 (and applicable regulations), Mineral & Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002 and Client/Site specific rules.
  3. Protecting the environment through promoting pollution prevention, resource conservation and engaging suppliers who are environmentally responsible
  4. Preventing accidents, injuries and occupational ill-health that may arise from our processes.
  5. Continual improvement of the safety, health, environment and quality management system to enhance SHEQ performance
  6. Consultation and participation of workers through committees, e.g. Safety Committee & Providing SHEQ awareness and communication to all employees, customers, contractors and other stakeholders.
  7. Always Make this policy statement available to interested parties through convenient platforms.

This policy statement shall be the basis of setting SHEQ objectives, targets and programs in business themes such as revenue optimization, growing customer base, environmental protection, zero harm and people development.

Date: 01/08/2019


P. Shandukani 


Mshandukani Holdings Pty Ltd

IMS-POL-01 Rev:02